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Meet The Band

Meet The Band: About

Ryan Ahlers

Lead Vocals

Ryan Ahlers (he/they) is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Guelph, ON. With his professional practice being in theatre production and live performance, he brings a unique lens to the execution of ideas, and thrives in a collaborative environment. As the vocalist and frontman of The Last Armada, he taps into a passionate and heartfelt performance, while leaving a contagious energy on the stage.

Meet The Band: Welcome
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Mitchell Staffen


Mitchell is a passionate musician who has been playing the drums for over 13 years. Heavily influenced by hard-hitting, dynamic drummers such as Chad Smith, John Bonham, Taylor Hawkins, and countless others, he combines classic ideas with new ones. Whether he's playing a slow ballad or an up tempo rock song, his grooves will make you dance! After graduating with a B.Sc. from the University of Guelph, he has since been focusing on his music career by teaching drums and performing as much as he can!

Meet The Band: Welcome
Meet The Band: Welcome

Brent Wilson

Bass, Backing Vocals

Hailing out of Brantford, Ontario, Brent is a self-taught musician with over ten years of experience. Originally starting on the drums at age 7, he made the switch to bass at age 12. While Brent is the youngest member of the band, his talent and ability to express himself in music far exceed his age. His biggest influence is Paul McCartney and through his melodic bass lines you will certainly see why. Be sure to catch him on stage with The Last Armada to hear him lay down a groove and sing some tasteful harmonies.

Meet The Band: Welcome

Trick Vilbar

Guitar, Backing Vocals

Trick is a versatile and creative musician who always aims to write unique songs. As our guitarist he engages listeners with his electrifying, spontaneous guitar work and dynamic vocal capabilities.  He’s heavily influenced by guitarists like Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Eddie Van Halen and vocalists like Paul McCartney, Freddie Mercury and Alex Turner. His musicianship and ability to lead the band into uncharted territory both in studio and on-stage will keep you entertained and wanting more.

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